Jael De Pardo

Jael De Pardo is a reporter by training, Jael has produced and reported from vacation destinations and conflict zones alike, covering everything from fashion to the FARC to the environment. She has produced stories in Colombia, Panama, and Mexico. Jael's diverse skill set - hosting, reporting, writing - has made her a valuable member of the Destination Truth team, investigating the paranormal all over the globe. She accompanied the team on many intriguing cases, showing a sense of adventure and a keen analytical mind when it came to sorting fact from fiction. She analyzes cases with an investigative reporter's tenacity, asking all of the hard questions and digging relentlessly for the truth.

Role in Fact or Faked Edit

Jael is the Journalist who normally is behind the camera in the cases. Jael is not seen doing many of the cases that involve ghosts or spirits. She normally does the cases with Ben with the extraterrestrial.