Ghost Car

The Ghost Car Video

Ghost Car is the first case investigated on Fact or Faked. A case was sent in from a Police Officers (Officer Wayne Daniels) Dash-Cam of a car pursuit. The car does some freaky maneuvers and then does a hard left; by the time the police car gets back into the chase, the car is suddenly on the other side of a fence.

Fence Jump Experiment Edit

Ghost Car - Fence Jump

A theory is that the car hit a ditch that lifted the car in the air and over the fence. They got a stunt man to go over the ditch and it barely made it over the fence. The car hit the top of the fence making it bend however in the Original Video, the fence was left untouched.

Under Fence Experiment Edit

Ghost Car - Under Fence

Another theory is that the car went under the fence. The Team removed some of the brackets from the top and middle of the fence to make possible to go underneath. The problem with this is that the entire fence came down, meaning this is not what happened in the original video.

Second Attempt Edit

Ghost Car - Under Fence 2

They decided to this again but a little differently; at the top they had four fence fasteners instead of two, making the fence more sturdy. This was a success and most likely is what happened as the car went straight through and the fence went sturdy just as the police car came into view.

Summary Edit

The Ghost Car in the video was nothing paranormal and was most likely the car going underneath the fence successfully.

Gallery Edit

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