Devin Marble

Devin Marble has been fascinated with technology ever since he was a child, always having a natural understanding of "how the cogs work." His curiosity and tenacity as a youngster led him to many instances of dismembering the household electronics. To save the house, his mother put him in front of a computer and his father taught him to build. As he grew older, his fascination with how things worked led him into construction, prop-building, and videography. Now, as a self-made producer with over a decade of experience in filmmaking and special FX, he has become highly proficient at deciphering video, photographic, and practical paranormal hoaxes as well as accurately replicating such cases.

Role in Fact or Faked Edit

Devin is the Tech Specialist which means he specializes in technology which helps with extraterrestrial cases which he normally goes with Ben and Jael.

Trivia Edit

  • Devin replaced Larry Caughlan JR for the Season Two premiere. It is unknown if he will return.