Chi - Lan - Lieu

Chi-Lan is torn between skepticism and true belief. Her Buddhist upbringing gives her a "different from the norm" perspective on the cultural and faith-based aspects of the paranormal. More importantly, though, Chi-Lan is a photography expert; so much so that Tech TV has used her to report on the latest in technology for image capturing, photographic advancement and the science of the gadget. She has a degree in photography, and feels that this gives her an ability to decipher, break down and analyze video and still images, whether authentic or doctored. She's knowledgeable about the unexplained and she has strong opinions on it, but her tech-savvy eye gives her credibility behind the lens and when debunking video and stills captured by others. She also has ideas on how to better use the newest technology to go even further.#

Role in Fact or Faked Edit

Chi-Lan is a Photographer Expert who is typically behind the camera the most of the time. She does the supernatural cases with Bill however she does do some extraterrestrial if told by Ben. During the night investigations she is normally going around area with a Thermal Camera trying to capture different heat signatures.

Trivia Edit

  • Lanisha has replaced Chi-Lan on FOF and Chi-Lan tweeted that she will not be returning but will be seen on television soon.