Austin Porter

Austin Porter is best described as a methodical scientist with the adventure-seeking curiosity and boldness of Indiana Jones. Since he was a child, and now in adulthood, he has had numerous personal experiences with the paranormal. Austin has gained invaluable experience utilizing the scientific method in the forming and testing of hypotheses in field and laboratory settings. Austin's background, especially in the organic sciences, gives him an invaluable knowledge base for investigating the paranormal, specializing in creatures like the Skunk Ape and lake monsters. Austin is a personal fitness trainer when he's not on a case.In the Ice Man case, he attempted to beat the Ice Man of staying in a tube of ice for the longest time, but had to come out after about 80 minutes because his legs were feeling numb.

Role in Fact or Faked Edit

Austin is the Stunt Expert who goes on both the extraterrestrial and the supernatural cases. He normally does the cases that will involve a lot of Physical experiments like running or being lifted into the air or even dressing up. In the supernatural cases he is normally the one asked to try and replicate the videos by being the apparition or spirit.