Arizona Lights

The Arizona Lights Video

Arizona Lights is the second case sent into Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files. A case was sent in by a Couple of young people who saw a series of red lights in the sky in Arizona. The lights flash off and appear after one another giving the effect that it was moving.

Laser/Window Experiment Edit

Arizona Lights - Laser Window

The Team got a pain of glass and were going to shoot lasers into it so that it would give off the reflection of the Arizona Lights. The problem with this though was that they could not get the correct movement of the lights and every so often two of them would merge and create a powerful lens flare.

Balloon Experiment Edit

Arizona Lights - Balloon Experiment

The Team inflated six balloons that hoist lamps underneath. They connected the lights to a dimmer panel so that they would be able to dim the lights of one and brighten the other to give the effect that they were jumping, just like in the video. This was not exact and wasn't what was happening in the video.

Night Investigation Edit

Arizona Lights - Night Investigation

The Team decided to do a Night Investigation to see if they could catch anything Paranormal going on over the skies of Arizona. They had four cameras based around the surrounding area, some pointing towards the sky and some eye level. Larry stayed with cameras so he could watch Bill's and Chi-Lan's backs whilst they went out to investigate. They begin to hear some noises from the bushes surrounding them and it then gets suddenly louder and see a fast moving bright light in the sky.

Summary Edit

In the Situation Room the team did a voice analysis of the eye-witness and everything he said came up true. They decided that the light seen in the video was not an aircraft, not a satelite and not a star. They decided that it was a possible UFO and that Arizona is a hot-bed for Paranormal activity.

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